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Fruit & Vegetable Crop Mainenance and harvest

In the U.S., the specialty crop sector represents over $50B a year of annual production. These crops include fruits, vegetables, nuts, tree crops, wines and the commercial nursery and greenhouse sectors. These industries require large quantities of manual labor that are increasingly difficult to source.

For the past several years, there has been a growing shortage of workers available to do this work. Changing demographics, tightening immigration policy and the relative strengthening of economies outside of the U.S. means that there are fewer migrant laborers available to fill these roles. Growers in many crop sectors often sight labor as their #1 concern. 


Harvest Automation is working alongside major food producers around the country to develop mobile robots to assist workers in the field, making them more productive, reducing workplace injury and providing farm owners with the technology resources to meet the demands of their industry while providing cost and efficiency gains.

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